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"The Massachusetts Bible Society is one of the great institutions of our time, and does a wonderful job in promoting knowledge of the scriptures.  It is an honor to support them in this cause, and I encourage others to do so."  -- Rev. Peter J. Gomes

Organized religion is not connecting with most Americans.

Ninety-two percent of Americans say they believe in some higher power, including one-fifth of those who call themselves atheist, yet only thirty-nine percent of Americans regularly attend religious services. In Massachusetts, a greater percentage of people attend services than report believing in God. Something is amiss.

There appears to be a gulf of distrust between the Christian faithful who align themselves with churches and those who are skeptical of such an alignment. Those skeptics often call themselves “spiritual but not religious” or even identify themselves as Christian, but no longer trust the Church to help them in an authentic exploration of faith.

Since its inception, the main mission of the Church has been to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus to make disciples, and yet because of that gulf of distrust, those who seek to fulfill that mission find it difficult if not impossible to reach those on the other side.

The Massachusetts Bible Society provides a bridge between the faithful and the skeptical by promoting biblical literacy, understanding, and dialogue in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Through theologically neutral course curricula, Bible grants, small groups, lectures, video, and social networking, we provide a safe place to explore the Bible in the context of the many voices of interpretation.

Whether you are participating in our brand new course in Bible basics, asking questions of the 35 seminary professors in our Ask-a-Prof program, exploring the Bible in one of our small groups, or watching a video of both established professors and students on the cutting edge of research on this website, you will be able to explore the text of the Bible in the context of many different interpretations.

-- For those who simply want to become more familiar with the Bible without pressure to adopt a set of beliefs, you have that freedom with us.  Find out more about The Dickinson Series: Exploring the Bible, our 4-part Bible literacy course.

-- For those who might want to give the Church another chance, we can point you to one of our partner churches that might be a good fit. 

-- If you are in need of quantities of Bibles for your ministry or organization, but do not have the financial resources to purchase them, our Bible Grants program can help fulfill that need.

-- We can make book recommendations for your own book groups or Sunday School classes or church libraries and point you to online resources that can increase biblical literacy and understanding in your congregation. We can fill your pulpit for a Sunday or provide a workshop on the Bible for your members or for your community.

The Bible is interwoven in art, literature, music, culture, and politics. To ignore it, or to fail to recognize its many voices and interpretation, is to fail to understand much of the world in which we live. The gulf is wide, but we can be a bridge for you, no matter which side of the gulf you are on. It’s deep, it’s exciting, it’s safe. Join us

The Massachusetts Bible Society is able to sustain its ministries of Bible Grants, promoting Biblical literacy and nurturing open spiritual/theological dialogue through financial contributions from people and organizations such as you.