Verily, Verily, I Say Unto You: Remember the Virtues of the King James Bible Lo These Last 400 Years!!

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04/11/2011 - 12:00pm
Jon M. Sweeney

 Jon M. Sweeney is the author of many books, including the brand new Verily, Verily: The KJV - 400 Years of Influence and Beauty.


Jon M. Sweeney is an author, editor, and popular speaker with a wide range of interests. For many years, he was the co-founder and editor-in-chief of SkyLight Paths Publishing. Since 2004, he has been the associate publisher at Paraclete Press. The author of several books including The Road to Assisi and Light in the Dark Ages, both about St. Francis, Jon is a Catholic living in Woodstock, Vermont. He wrote about his evangelical childhood in the memoir, Born Again and Again, which received an Award of Merit from Christianity Today. You can follow Jon on his King James Bible fan blog,